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We apply the same payment policy regardless of booking channel used to book our rooms. However, not all channels are open and up-front about this, but hide the information behind other links or in small print, so it is repeated here for your benefit.


We take a deposit payment of approximately 50% soon after the time of booking. If the arrival date is more than about a week away, we frequently allow a "cooling-off" period of about 24 hours within which you can freely cancel your reservation. This payment uses the credit or debit card details you have supplied during the booking process. We recognise that some people's financial situation may mean that a different payment plan is helpful: if this is the case for you please contact us by phone or email. 

The deposit payment is an important part of our commitment to each other, and does not affect your right to cancel under conditions explained in our Cancellation Policy document. We accept Visa and Mastercard, credit and debit cards but not American Express cards. Please don't give us card details for a debit card which you keep at zero balance as this just causes extra work for everybody.

When we take the deposit payment we also send you our own confirmation email which indicates the room you have chosen, the deposit you have paid, and other details related to your booking. We are aware that some other booking channels (for example send their own confirmation but this does not have the same level of detail as our own one. In addition, some booking channels (again for example do not use our room names but make up names of their own. Their explanation for this is that it helps translate their pages into multiple languages: in our experience it is confusing for most guests.

We take the balance payment using the same card details shortly before your arrival date (typically, between a week and a month before). We recognise that from time to time you need to change card details - for example, a card may go out of date, or need to be cancelled because it has been compromised. We will contact you if we find that the card details we have on record are no longer valid.

Under normal circumstances this means that you are fully paid up for your stay with us by the time you arrive, at either our room-only or breakfast-included rate depending on choices you made during the booking process.

If you need to change any details of your stay - for example adding prepaid breakfast to a room-only rate, or changing the length of your stay - please contact us by phone or email as soon as you know what it is you want to change.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

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