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We apply the same cancellation policy regardless of booking channel used to book our rooms. However, not all channels allow us to display the policy in detail, so it is repeated here for your benefit.


We apply the following principles when a guest has to cancel. Our aim is to minimise the inconvenience to you, while recognising that we have set aside resources for a stay that you were unable to complete.

  • Cancellations more than 30 days before the arrival date may be cancelled by you without penalty. We will refund the full amount paid to date (typically this is the deposit payment of approximatively 50% of the full charge) by authorising our bank to refund onto the same card used for the original transaction. We have no control over the time taken by the various banks and card companies to process this transaction, but normally it happens within a few days.

  • For cancellations within 30 days, we endeavour to relet the room to other guests. If successful, we refund you part or all of your payment depending on what proportion of days in your holiday we are able to relet. In order to attract new guests we may offer the room at a lower daily rate than the one that you paid, and you will then receive the smaller amount. We routinely refund any part of your reservation which is linked to breakfast, since we have not had to expend any resources if you have not been able to stay with us.

  • Some booking channels (for example do not allow us to cancel your stay with us. In this case you must initiate the cancellation yourself. We will then respond to such a request and follow the normal process. If you have booked directly with us then we can bypass this and handle the cancellation immediately.

  • It is in your interest to let us know about cancellation as soon as possible, to maximise the opportunity for others to book the room and hence maximise your refund.


  • We will always let you know the outcome of our attempt to relet a room in case of cancellation and inform you how much we are able to refund.

  • Please note that in line with other major holiday providers, we no longer treat COVID-19 differently from other illnesses. During the pandemic we operated a policy of free rearrangement of your holiday in the event of testing positive for COVID-19, but this is no longer the case. If you are concerned about the risks of illness or accident preventing you taking up your holiday, we recommend taking out suitable travel insurance.

it is not our intention ever to make a decision to cancel your holiday ourselves, and we would only do this in case of some major local or regional calamity.

An example.

Prices are for illustration only.


  • You book one of our rooms for three nights for £125 per night plus £25 per night breakfast. So your total bill is 3x£125 + 3x£25 = £375 + £75 = £450.

  • You have to cancel with two weeks notice. We are able to relet two of those nights at the reduced rate of £115.

  • We refund the breakfast amount in full ie £75.


  • We also refund the two nights which we were able to relet at the reduced amount ie 2x£115 = £230.


  • Your total refund is £75 + £230 = £305. We authorise this payment back onto the card you originally used, and you receive it a day or two later.

We always recommend that you take out appropriate holiday insurance. We are not able to advise what specific insurance is suitable for you.


If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

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