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We are following government guidelines and industry best practice to ensure we provide accommodation in a way that is safe for our staff and customers. Impeccable hygiene, based on good health and safety practice, has always been a top priority for us.
During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic we carried out a thorough risk assessment to understand what risks we might have. This resulted in a series of cleaning measures which we set in place for the long term, to ensure an extremely high quality of cleanliness, and to reduce risk to both guests and staff.
These measures include the following:

  • The housekeeping team deep-clean communal spaces on a daily basis, and each room at an occupancy change. Close attention is paid to frequently touched objects like door handles and stair banisters. 

  • Clear information is provided to guests before and at arrival, so that they can check themselves into their rooms. This minimises congestion in our front room. Our contact details (phone and email) are easily available in case of difficulty or confusion. If we are away from the house overnight, we will provide contact details for a house manager who is responsible in our absence.

  • Whilst the housekeeping team are on site every day, they will not enter any room to carry out daily cleaning unless requested to do so. Guests can request that a room be serviced, or consumables refreshed, either by hanging a notice on their door, asking a member of the housekeeping team, or sending a message to us. It is usually quickest and most reliable to use the door notices provided in every room.

  • We keep rooms and shared spaces like the guest lounge well ventilated.

  • Although we are a dog-friendly establishment, we regularly receive feedback from guests that our rooms have been impeccably cleaned above the standard that they expect of a guest house or hotel. We pride ourselves in our fantastic house-keeping team led by Danny Torres.

If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

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