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There are a great many interesting places around Lake Coniston, whether to visit, view from the water, or walk around.

Brantwood House, in which Ruskin lived in the 19th century, is splendid as a destination - both house and gardens are fascinating to explore, and you can pause in the cafe during your time there. There is a moderately steep walk up from the house onto the open fell with great views across at Coniston Old Man.

Coniston Launches offer several different boat rides - the details vary during the year so please check their programme. If the weather is particularly bad boat rides may be cancelled. Also in Coniston village the Ruskin Museum is worth a visit, and most people go there to find out more about Donald Campbell and Bluebird.

Tarn Hows is owned by the National Trust - the walk around the perimeter is flat and well made up.

There are two main routes to climb Coniston Old Man - the main one goes up from Coniston village and follows an old mining trail. It is steep in places but is not difficult. Most people use this path, and come down by the same route. An alternative longer path - which is arguably more interesting and varied - starts at Torver, goes past the (disused but striking) Banishead Quarry, then diverts west of the Old Man via Goats Water before ascending steeply to the summit. Starting down the mining trail you can branch off right and thread your way down the south-eastern flank of the Old Man back towards Torver.

Some parts of the lake have a lakeshore footpath, especially the western shore heading south from the launch area, but currently it is not possible to go completely round the lake on footpaths by the water.

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