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Last updated: May 7th 2022

We love having dogs to stay with us. They are welcome throughout the house and grounds, and are also welcome in The Good Sport. When needed, please use the dog-throw provided in your room to protect our carpets and vinyl. We request that dogs are kept off our furniture. Extra dog throws are available in the front lounge. 

Please clear any dog poo from any part of the grounds (including the orchard) and place it in the mixed waste wheelie bin to the right of the garage. We have a large badger sett to the left of the garden as you look from the house. Some dogs find this tempting so please watch out for them. The farmer who owns the field in front of our garden has asked that dogs be kept on a lead on the path to the lake. Please do respect that as he often keeps livestock on it. 

We are proud of our policy of not charging for our dog guests. We also recognise that different dogs and different situations generate different needs with regard to cleaning. To maintain this policy of not charging for dogs in the future, we request that where necessary on the day of departure, guests with dogs use our Hetty vacuum to remove dog hairs from your room (call 07783 759617 or ask our housekeeping staff).

Should our housekeeping staff need to take extra time cleaning a guest room due to excessive dog hair, we reserve the right to make an additional charge of £30 on your card.


If you have any additional questions, please get in touch.

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