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Silver How

Silver How is easily seen from the house and gardens. There are a couple of straightforward ways to tackle it, as shown on the map. You can then come directly back down to Grasmere again, or you can make a longer day of it by circling round to Loughrigg, dropping down steeply to Chapel Stile, or using the whole day to go right over to the Langdale Pikes. On these longer routes please remember to take wet-weather gear and some provisions, just in case!

For weather information we recommend Mountain Weather Information Service,

Walking safely...

2023-12-26 12.00.28_small.jpg

The first map shows some choices for the immediate ascent from Lake View Country House to the summit of Silver How. You can choose between shorter and steeper, or shallower but longer routes. You will keep in sight of Grasmere Lake and the guest house almost all of the way, whichever route you choose. 

Once at the summit, you have a number of choices depending how long a day you want to make of it. The simplest is of course to come straight back down again, but the second map indicates some of the many other possibilities. Some of them are definitely all-day walks, so please check the weather before setting off, and make sure you have suitable walking clothes (always including wet-weather gear) and provisions with you. Walking on the plateau between Silver How and the Langdale Pikes is a great experience with views in all directions.

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